Videographer, Camera Operator, Cinematographer, Editor


I have years of experience in media production of many different varieties, kicked off by an education from High Point University in Electronic Media Production. I provide a wealth of knowledge, skill, raw talent, and professional production equipment that will enhance any production. Working with me creates an environment of attentiveness, collaboration, productiveness, and fun.


Bachelor of Arts: Electronic Media Production

High Point University (2015 - 2019)

Description: A degree that prepares graduates for work in a variety of television, radio, internet, film, and corporate video jobs, through hands-on experience and studies of industry professionals

Relevant Courses:

  • Mediated Communication Systems

  • Video Production 1

  • Video Production 2

  • Narrative Production

  • Audio Production 1

  • Audio Production 2

  • Video Practicum

  • Sports Production

  • Senior Production

  • Media Entrepreneurship

  • Motion Graphics

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